A Good Russet Apple

I’m no stranger to an apple or two, if it keeps the doctor away than it can’t be all that bad.   Over the years I have had the pleasure of tasting every apple available on the supermarket shelf and picking my own in various locations around France and Britain, not on special trips to some sort of apple picking farms but mostly at the side of country roads and woodland where wild apples grow.  So over some time I have become a bit of an apple connoisseur you could say, with some wild varieties being my favourite, but lately as I am spending a lot more time around building than trees, I have grown to love some of the supermarket varieties.  Firstly I always buy British, to support our farmers and because they are generally fresher and tastier.  Recently on my quest to eating healthier I have grown keener and keener on the Egremont Russet apple, so much so that I refuse to eat any other apple whilst these wonderful, rusticoated apples are in season.

Enough about apples, lets crunch on to Ipek Arnas who herself is not a stranger to fruit and cosy country scenes. Although she prefers to put them on her knitwear, rather than drone on about it in a blog.  Her delightfully quirky collections are playful with an à la retro touch.  She mainly uses hand knitting techniques for these limited pieces, which in part I am guessing is why her collection is called 2TERS1DUZ, translating “Knit 1Perl 2” the basic hand knitting stitch. She lives in Turkey which is where her things are produced, and where she does freelance work for other designers and yarn companies.  This tasty treat is not going out of season.

[Images via 2TERS1DUZ]

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