No One Jumper is Alike

Everyone or at least most people think that they have an individual style, which is an extension of who and what they are as a person.  It is through fashion that we are able to show all of those things instantly to the people around us, that is probably why they say that first impressions count.  If you think of all the people you meet what do you instantly remember about them? Is it really their name, if it is then wow well done and please tell me the secret, seriously.  If I only meet a person briefly and they introduce themselves the thing I am most likely to remember them by is what they looked like, which is not great if I have to meet them again and introduce them to someone else.  However, I will be able to tell you what they wore and what they looked like when I did meet them, but introducing someone as Mr Ray-Bans and green T-shirt does not go down well with most people, so I am working on resolving this.

When it comes to fashion, it is really true that no two people are alike.  Whist looking through my fashion week photos I realised that a few people were wearing the same H&M jumper, but of course each look is completely individual and I am pretty sure that none of the four people would ever wear each others’ outfit.  Bringing me to the point of style, a subject I find fascinating where different occasion, places and people would call for different outfits to suit the environment you are going to be in.  Cultural surroundings, backgrounds, origins and personality all have a big role to play as well.  That is why some people stand out and others fade in the background.  These fashion week girls and boy demonstrate the point of personal style very well in my opinion, as they are all wearing the same jumper but have styled it in they own distinctive way.  Style changes the way you look and how people respond to you, it cannot be brought; it is merely something you posses or you simply do not.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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