The boy from Ipanema

Lucas Nascimento is a knitwear designer from Brazil hence the title, although not sure how accurate the Ipanema origin is.  He lives and works mostly in London and had already gained himself a reputation in knitwear whilst working for other clients, before launching his own label.  I was actually in the same knitwear group as him in University where he was already in the process of creating his label and always came out with some spectacular things at the end of each assignment.  This February he will be doing his first show at London Fashion Week as part of the NEWGEN scheme.

Each collection has acquired a distinctive silhouette and is a melange of simple knitwear techniques which have been mastered and as a process evolved into something new.  The carefully selected colours have been placed to give an almost graphic quality to each piece.  As you may find out throughout the course of this blog I love sheer knitwear, which he positions to highlight the body that is underneath.

Great stuff, you will be seeing more of this one soon.

[All images are from Lucas Nascimento]

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