Pringle A/W 12: Knitwear Highlights


Alistair Carr has certainly taken Pringle by the hand this Autumn/Winter 12 collection.  Each piece from this collection can easily be integrated into any wardrobe.  With fluro-intarsia cardigans and v-necks, dresses gorgeously contoured with ridges and ruffles and my personal favourite the polo necks.  Just because I am slightly addicted to wearing them when it’s cold, and as I am currently living of Day & Night Nurse I can’t praise them enough.  These delightfully warm crew neck extensions which make all the difference (I am talking about polo necks) featured greatly in the show in various sweater styles, as a base for layered outfits and on the dresses.   These Alaïa-esque polo neck dresses finished the show, with a perfectly warm and sexy touch.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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