London Fashion Week+end: Embellishment Whites

Before the MAN (Topman) show at the Royal Opera House.

This is a very British quite eccentric outfit, which I think really represents the youth of today.  The jumper for me is obviously the focal point, I had to add some close up details which you can just about see, I hope.  The rawness of the whole piece is fabulous, that running stitch holding some dismembered appliqué carton motifs to the jumper is very artistic and thought-provoking, for some at least.  The coloured wool sewn on freehand makes it look like the jumper grew the stitches on itself to try to patch itself together.

A totally different kind of embellishment to what you would instantly think of with beads or feathers.  The jumper is by Noki, an artist who works with customizing garments as a statement against mass production.  He reworks second-hand clothing a lot of which is branded with iconic logos, and creates one-off pieces that are totally eco-friendly.   This idea of each garment being unique is similar to the essence of couturiers’ where each item is made specifically to fit one person so they can keep and cherish it for a long time.  A fantastic idea for the throwaway society we live in today, which anyone with an old or unloved piece of clothing can recreate.  It is a kind of upcycling method, where you can merge various items of clothing to form one or perhaps make unused clothes or even other materials such as curtains to make something new like cushions, throws… also handy if you want to save some pennies.   That way you will also have your own couture piece, which you have actually created yourself.  I have linked Nokis website, perhaps it will give you some inspiration for your upcycling with a rough-and-ready touch.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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