Bright Young Things

The sun has come out in all its glory and aren’t we glad that it finally feels like spring is here.  It is warm for a change but not so warm that you want to take your sweater off, as you never know what is going to be round the corner (weather wise) in this country.  In fact it really does not surprise me how much the English talk about the weather, that is probably because it is like a Jekyll and Hyde character, it can be beautiful like it is today one minute and the next snowing or hailing.  So you never really know what to wear as sun rays can be deceiving.

Here are some ladies blossoming in red, a colour which is considered sexy and it makes you feel sexy too.  Like delicate red roses these ladies look perfectly daytime seductive in their rouge knits, but beware you can prick yourself on a thorn.

Jumper:  Mother of Pearl

Dress:  Azzedine AlaЇa

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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