Run Mark, Run!

If this collection was a person it would be a nouveau grunge girl who has a pet snake called Snatch.  She loves taking photos of shadows and collecting light bulbs. On a regular basis she has a walk through Hyde Park to watch people, creating stories from a few words of their conversation; she later draws the short stories in her comic book.  I’ll stop there other wise I will go on and on and…

So this Autumn / Winter 2012 Mark Fast collection was not as well received as his previous collections, but I don’t know why.  I think it’s the most wearable collection he has done so far and one where I would realistically wear at least half of it.  Perhaps he didn’t stretch the boat out as he may have done before but that’s not necessarily such a bad thing.  Variety in collections is always good, if you keep making avant garde pieces you will never make enough money as a brand to survive, unless House of Gaga buys every single item in the collection and even that will probably just about cover the cost of putting on the show itself.

The collection was luxurious and oozing the trade mark sex appeal that he has developed.  Maybe that is what he was trying to change by being more appealing  to more people whose lifestyle is not confound to swooning in out of parties, but that is good, that is how you develop and become a successful designer.  So do not run anywhere Mark stay here in London, it’s designers like you that get people talking about knitwear.

I do apologise for the poor quality images, the demand for a place at the Mark Fast show is always over the limit so I was wedged at the back, but it wasn’t too bad, I had Nathan Moy (Style Niche) a really cool dude to keep me company.

[All images by Alexandra Textiles]

For a better view of the collection, watch this video or visit Mark Fast. 

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