Bobbled Over

Everyone likes a good hat because a simple woolly hat can serve a number of purposes.  For instance you have just got out of bed and do not have the time or the means to tame  your locks into a presentable barnet for the day so what do you do, well fear not get that special woolly hat out which will hide any evidence of the chaos that might be going on underneath.  The only challenge migh be if you have to spend more than 15 minutes indoors by which time it is simply inapropriate to still be wearing your hat.  Any follically challenged men who complex about their ahem, challenge I suppose should make any hat a staple in their wardrobe.  I do just want to say that I for one do not have any problems with bald men, in fact some can be quite dashing for example Bruce Willis, however I will stop at Wayne Rooney.

A bobbled hat is not just any hat though it adds a certain measure of camaraderie to your overall look, saying hey I don’t take myself that seriously but I still look cool.  Cute and fun it may be but let’s not forget the main purpose and perhaps the most humble purpose of them all and that is to keep ones head warm and dry.  You’ll certainly need it this summer.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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