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Top of the Socks

Socks wonderful socks, I can’t get enough of them and it seems that I am not alone.  They are a part of everybody’s wardrobe, from petit baby to granddad’s and grandmas, there is no avoiding them and why would you want to.  They keep your feet warm, dry and looking snugly cool.

A versatile accessory which can change an outfit in a finger click or should that be a toe click.  There’s a whole host of prints, yarns and lengths they can be made to but the best thing is that they can only be knitted.  I mean you could try to pattern cut a pair of socks if you wanted to but I imagine it would be pretty ridiculous, like your feet wearing a suit.

Here are some excellent sock styles to inspire all wearers of socks.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

Man, I like Your Style: Part 2

The in thing for men seems to be a soft modern briefcase, and satchels, with these kind of holding devises a man’s look can still look very masculine, almost like they have some vital information in the cases, even though in reality they are just probably carrying a lot of useless things like girls do in their bags.  Perhaps it is the bags that finish the outfits of or take them to a different kind of direction which we have not seen in men’s fashion for some time.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

Man, I like your style: Part 1

Boy, there were some style assertive men at London Fashion Week, particularly on Mans Day.  Of course there were a lot of male models floating around the place, which was just fine with me.  However, business was business and my only goal is to find you knit wearing people.

These are the guys who I thought looked particularly cool in their knitwear not only is it their style, it is their whole attitude to creating particular or perhaps even signature styles.  This is what makes these guys looks special for me, you may not like to wear what they are wearing if you are a guy or even a girl but the great thing is that they are really doing something different.  They might be wearing the wool from a sheep but they are certainly not one of them.

[All images by Anna Red]

Along came Long

This was the show where it was announced that menswear is going to have a fashion week all of its own, and it’s about time.  It was decided due to a growing amount of talented menswear designers who simply do not get a chance to show during London Fashion Week as the places are so limited for the one day.  So from June the fifteenth to the seventeenth this year there will be an official opening ceremony hosted by the Prince of Wales at St James Palace and from there-on-in we will witness a momentous day in menswear history.

The show was James Long; a great place for an announcement of such calibre, as Long being one of Fashion East veterans and one of my favourite designers of the season.  His Autumn / Winter collection was inspired by the bohemian swagger of the Rolling Stone and by Edward Burtynskys‘ photographs of quarries, depicting the wilderness enforced unto the natural environment by making quarries.  The textures in the collection certainly reflect the quarries in Butynskys’ photos as does the colour pallet of soft blacks, greys, browns, reds and burnt oranges.  The knitwear was kept classic with minor alterations in the yarns of varied thicknesses and length to suit any weather conditions.  Thick pullovers with prominent cable designs were worn on their own, v-neck cardigans  were tucked into trousers with shirts and a thin twin set sat on top of a shirt with an embellished collar.

A rounded collection with a good number of James Longs’ trademark knitwear pieces, it’s almost refreshing (at least to me) to see this much knitwear for men in a single collection, as that is something which I do not believe has been explored enough in menswear.  Perhaps with June coming up we will see more knits on the catwalk, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until then.

There are clearer backstage images of the James Long collection in Dazed Digital right here.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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