LFW: Blogger / Photographer Knits

Style Bubble

Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire; fantastic fashion coverage, style, food and fun.

House of Halcyon

Social fashion and style.

Cava Coma

Manchester street styles and fashion buzz.

Geeks nd Fashion

Style, Fashion and Parties.

8 and 2

Beautiful fashion photography to inspire and muse over, highly recommend a look.

I know I’m still going on about LFW I just didn’t realise how much material I collected and want to share it all with you, so it might be another week of LFW knits.

When at fashion week you naturally get to meet people, most of who are from creative backgrounds.  It’s really great to see so many people interested in fashion, which make for an exciting atmosphere.  Not only that it is a real feast for the fashion eyes, where people go all out to make a statement, look cool or simply be themselves and can only do that at an event like fashion week, because they know that they won’t be ridiculed in any way.  It is like a five-day festival of fashion love.  These are the people I came across in that time who all have exciting things going on, with blogging and photography and of course they are all wearing knit, whether in forms of hats, jumpers, cardigans, or cricket vests they all look like they know what they are wearing.  That is not to say other people don’t, I’m sure everyone knows that they are wearing clothes for most of the time, what I mean is that these guys look like they know what they are doing with their style.  If you want to see more of what they do, just click on the links for more fashion indulgence.

{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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