Leutton Postle A/W 12 is a Picasso

A second slightly surreal Autumn / Winter 12 collection from Leutton Postle this Central St Martins duo.  The beautiful friendship between Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle is portrayed in each knitwear piece throughout the collection.  Quite literally so, with almost Cubist portraits adorning some luxurious sweaters and dresses, and in the form of masks on some models faces.  Whilst the mixed media decorations such as bobble fringing, 3-D woolly hair, patchwork and appliqué textures painted a unique picture unrestricted by trends.

The simplicity of the silhouettes made them easily wearable, unique and invitingly comfortable, exactly what you need these winter days.  Sweaters, v-necks and pullover vests were knitted the perfect length ready to be worn at any time without worrying about the rest of the outfit, as a single piece could easily form your outfit.

The collection is a crafted work of art, the only face anyone can pull when they see it is a very smiley one.


{All images by Alexandra Textiles}

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