When it is this cold outside today, drinking endless mugs of any warm liquid does warm you up but I think Adel Kovacs latest collection of chunky hand knits would definitely help and warm the cockles.

She is a recent MA knitwear and womenswear graduate from the Moholy-Nagy University in Budapest.  Her knitwear is a juxtaposition of the traditional craft of hand-knitting mixed with contemporary designs giving the looks a modern silhouette.  The photographically printed ‘faux knits’, would make you glance a second time double ckeck exactly what the article was.   This is such a fun way of seeing and wearing knitwear.  I like the cheeky dress with the models derrière on the back, it would be so fun to wear around London on a warm summers day.  Quite the opposite of the current climate, man I hope it gets warmer soon!!

[All images are taken from Adel Kovacs website]


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